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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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I recently finished my Reiki level 1 & 2 course with The Cosmic Connect and very happy that I decided to take it up. Usha is a wonderful teacher and very thorough with the subject. She teaches in such a natural way that one can resonate it all with their own life. I always wanted to do some meditation but could hardly sit still for 10minutes and was also apprehensive as to how would I be able to take out time for this course and daily practice; considering my busy everyday schedule. Gratitude to the Lord to have guided me to go on this path.


I feel immensely benefitted from this course and now I can sit peacefully and meditate without worrying about my daily “to do” list.


Thank you, Usha, it was great to learn from you. 🙏🙂

Kavita Sinha

In my view the best thing happened this year for me is getting back in touch with Punit sir (he was my first boss who hired me as a fresh graduate in 2005). I was going through a lot many issues, depression from past 2 years.


Punit sir introduced me to Usha mam, and because of her I not only got a better paying job but also got mental peace, which for a person like me was of far more importance. The difference that I saw in just 2 months from energy exchange is unbelievable. I was more on medicines for pain management. But now that is not required even.


For me I would surely recommend the cosmic connect purely basis my experience in last 2 months. And the welcome change that I have got in my life.


Thanks a lot Usha Mam and Punit sir for the support and welcome change you brought to my and my family’s life in a very short span.

Purushottam Srivastava
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Carmela Duron.jpg

I was guided to Reiki last year and found myself one day in internet searching in the various pages about Reiki and what attracted me most was this page "The Cosmic Connect". It is true that "when the student is ready, the master arrives", with Master Usha I completed the first level and guided me throughout my Reiki Training journey to Master Usui's Traditional Method.


All of my training has been taught online. I am sincerely thankful for my Master/Teacher for all the wonderful information that she has provided me. She conveys her knowledge with clarity, simplicity and great enthusiasm.


I feel grateful to have her and honored to have learnt Reiki under her guidance.

Carmela Duron

Usha is my guiding light in the worlds of crystals. She has taught me simple methods to use crystals in my everyday life. Thank you, Usha, for introducing me to these beauties. You have bought a positive change to my life.


There are so many amazing things about Usha. I find her very approachable and easy to talk to. Her aura makes me pour my heart out.


Keep up the good work!

Pooja Rannot
Pooja Rannot.jpg

During this Corona time when there was negativity everywhere and, in my vicinity, too. I was encompassed with negativity, frustration & depression. But by the grace of God, Usha mam's reiki came as a ray of hope for me. She taught me how to live happily & with positivity through meditation healing therapy as well as balancing Chakras.


I am very thankful to her for changing my perspective towards life and reshaping my personality!! Hoping for such more courses in near future... Wishing her best of luck.

Pankaj Narang

The best thing that happened to me was when Usha recommended using crystals. I saw a lot of positive changes in my life after using these crystals.


The guidance received in Tarot helped me to understand the depth of life. I highly recommend The Cosmic Connect for their knowledge, guidance and best quality crystals.

Garima Sharma
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